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Candice in tight little shorts and with her big tits restrained in a corset

Commissioning Erotic Art

Well I'm not too sure of my facts here. And the way you keep trying to get your hands inside my clothes when there really isn't even enough room for me doesn't help me concentrate any. But I always do my best to help our guests, so here goes... Commissionism is a way to make some extra money that started off in places like Russia and China. It means you have to go round all your friends houses, or even people you don't know, and sell them stuff like cosmetics and perfume.

Or there's another one where all your girl friends visit you and you have to show them lots of really sexy... errr... naughty and horrible... toys that vibrate and panties with holes in them and then they buy them and go home to try them out. Except when I did it they made me wear the clothing so it was almost worse than being naked and then they started trying out all those devices on me and they didn't go home for like days and they never even bought anything either and... Oh, hello Mr Stormbringer. I was just explaining to our visitors what this part of the web site does and... umppppppphhhh... oh! You're so bi... mmmmhhhhhhh... urgggghhhhh....

Hi. This is Stormbringer. Candice is a bit busy at the moment and can't talk to you; can't talk at all actually. So I'll explain things.

When you really like the work of a particular artist you would normally join their site to view more of it. But what about when you have a very specific fantasy or memory which you would like to see that artist create for you? Of course you could always ask the artist to do a piece with a general topic but perhaps you want more than that. Perhaps you want something very detailed, or something that is based on photographs of real people; something just for you. After all, imagine your partner's face if you could give them an artistic rendering of themselves in their favorite sexy fantasy as a gift instead of the usual socks and perfume on an important anniversary!

Well that's when you would be looking at commissioned artwork. That is when you would approach an artist to make something exactly how you want it. And that is the purpose of this page. Of course you can approach any of our artists about commission work and many of them will be happy to come to some arrangement with you. But here we have highlighted some of the most talented Erotic Illusions artists who are actively available to discuss your needs.

Now I really do need to give some attention to Candice. She seems to have a blockage in her throat. Or she soon will have. So I'll pass you over to the artists:

Premier Commission Artists

Please note: We are providing these introductions to help you, but Stormbringer Enterprises are not actively involved. So don't mail us about commissions. You should contact the artist direct and all arrangements are between you and them. We don't interfere or demand a percentage or anything like that. We just want to see everyone gain by our being able to make the information available.

If you haven't already been a member of an artist's site, joining them will show you a much wider range of the styles and subjects they cover - as well as entertaining you and giving you lots of naughty ideas!



I am an excellent artist who works in the amazing world of 3D rendering! I enjoy hearing the detailed descriptions a customer gives of either their fantasy girl, themselves or their spouse, trusting in me to bring them to life in a 3D format. Products used can vary from the mundane and vanilla to the realms of fantasy and science fiction, as well as touching on bondage and peril.

I absolutely love window shopping in one of the many popular 3D render program stores online with a client while we talk real time and discuss options, the concept of the picture, and important things like sexiness, peril level or the look of the people in the picture. If you know what you want, it would be my pleasure to bring it to life for you!

Money is exchanged only after a black and white 'sketch' like drawing has been shown to you demonstrating my expression of your desire. Money is paid via PayPal only and once verified, your purchased image is sent to you in email in the image format of your choice. Your 'character' will not be used again in my work without important changes; this helps ensure that my service to you is unique to your vision!

Contact me today to have your dreams, your game character or your self come to life in a sexy 3D rendering!




About my work: My work consists of rendered images (Poser), enchanced via a graphics program (Paint Shop Pro). The bulk of my work consists of pin-up, fantasy, and sci-fi themed themes...both softcore and hardcore, as well as non-adult types of images. However, I can also tackle a variety of other subjects(bondage, femdom, shemale, tentacle, etc.) if requested. I WILL NOT do any type of image that is considered illegal (such as images with underage characters), so don't even bother asking.

Image size: For simple images (that probably won't be printed), the size will typically be between 2000x2000 pixels and 3000x3000 pixels, at 300 dpi, depending on the type of image requested. If necessary, I can go to 3500x3500 pixels, 300 dpi - which translates to just over 11.5 inches square. If you require something bigger (for example: poster size), I'm sure something can be arranged, but the price will definitely go up. Simple images can be produced in either PNG, TIFF or JPG format. No watermarks or logos, with the exception of my signature in the bottom corner, will appear on commissioned pieces (unless requested).

Workflow/completion time: Barring the unforeseen (computer issues, power outages, etc.), a single image can be completed with a week, 10 days at the most. If requesting a series of images, the timeframe for completion will obviously increase. A rough draft of the piece can be sent to the customer for feedback/approval. However, continual nitpicking over every detail will most likely result in me politely informing you that I no longer have the capability or time to complete the requested image.

Images based on real people: To put it If you are looking for someone to simply photoshop someone's face onto a rendered image, there are other artists out there that do that sort of thing...I do not. I can make characters look similar to a real person, but I will not do exact copies.

Specific requests: I am a 3d artist, but I am not a 3d modeller. I use pre-made items as a base, and then adjust the image as needed via Paint Shop Pro, as best as I can. If you want a character to wear a particular piece of clothing, or use a particular item, it may require that I purchase a specific model. Depending on the cost of specific items, the commission price may increase. If this is the case, I will let you know if my price will need to increase before I even begin work. If you have a specific photo and want me to "do something like this", I can usually work with that.

Price/payment: The price for a single image is $20 (US). This price can increase depending the complexity of the request. If you would like multiple images (of the same subject matter or different subjects), we can negotiate some sort of "bulk image" discount. I will only accept payments via Paypal.




I am a reasonably well known artist in the erotic art community who is happy to take on any type of 3D commission you desire. I cover every area, vore, fantasy, sci-fi, lesbian, interracial, group, fetish, BDSM, Monsters etc. I work in 3D and the results can be sent to you in any format you desire. If you want a virtual clone depicted in any of the scenes please supply me with photographs.

Depending on the complexity of the commission each picture can take between a day and a week. I like to work closely with the customer and get exactly what it is they want. I charge between $50 and $100 per picture again dependant on complexity and whether or not I need to purchase models to complete it. However there is a discount when the commission is for a group of 5 images or more. Please see my web site for more examples of my work.



Lady Carole

I already have a great deal of experience of doing private commissions so am able to offer a variety of packages to suit your requirements and financial concerns. Commission can be for a single drawing or a whole series and for private work there is no restriction as to subject matter provided it is within the law. I try to cover all aspects of female domination but am always open to new ideas and scenes.

I have several repeat customers already and some of the work for them is available on my Erotic Illusions site, many in the members ideas section so if you have a particular field you are interested in and you don’t find it covered, do contact me and we will discus your requirements. That costs nothing and I am sure you will find my terms both reasonable and very flexible.

Thanks for taking the trouble to read this.

Lady Carole



I have been in the erotic art community for well over ten years. I first started out doing photo-alters at the famous, but long gone naughtytentacles site, then moved on to Galaxy of Terror. There I met Stormbringer and while collaborating with him on a website for a mutual friend we put together a place to showcase our works... a little place called Shokushu. Since then I've migrated from doing photo-alters to doing poser work, but I still have roots in the monster/tentacle/damsel in distress genre. I'm by no means limited to that. I do large amounts of sci-fi pics. Fantasy, horror, humor... I like to explore genres. I won't be doing any illegal type of artwork of course, but I will do my best to capture your idea. I do refrain from doing any male gay or transsexual pics as it's not my thing and I've found that my lack of inspiration in such areas makes the pics suffer and for a commission that would mean not getting what you want.

I have an extensive 3D library so odds are I can get close to clothing, props and settings you have in mind, but if latitude is allowed I'm sure I can make up for any discrepancies by my attention to the spirit of your request.

My rates are $30 for a basic portrait with limited background. Scenes involving action, complex settings and/or multiple characters generally go at a $30/hour rate where most pics fall in the 3 to 5 hour range. I of course do not charge for rendering time. You shouldn't pay for the speed of my computer (or lack thereof)... only the time I'm physically working on the artwork. Transactions via Paypal.




The Shadoman has been creating CGI art for almost a decade, and his stock and trade is producing stimulating BDSM art that mirrors, to some extent, the fantastic art of Robert Bishop. I have been told that those who view my art can see a bit of Bishop in the technique and style I employ, rarely using stylish room backdrops in favor of black and white backdrops. Careful attention is given so that every facet of my bondage art it precise, accurate, and tight. From the pained expressions on my bound beauties, to their tight clenched hands, my art display my passion for the BDSM genre.

Please Note! The Shadoman is not into excessive gore or vividly exploiting scenes involving extreme death or dismemberment. I do have dungeon props, and will display my females in very tight BDSM situations that are quite physical. Employing a more mental and physical torment as opposed to extreme acts of torture. My render models will have the look of someone in their early twenties, and although I will do Fem-Dom work and transsexual art, I shy away for all male or GAY subject matter. I am not against that genre of art; it’s just that I am not comfortable doing it or being able to bring it off as well as true Gay Artist can.

Pass along your ideas to me and I will do my best to make your fantasies a reality via the CGI process known as Poser. Each render is saved in PSD, TIFF, or BMP formats. I have a vast library of licensed characters and props to make your dreams come alive. The Shadoman can also create stories in Comic Book format using your ideas or script and transforming your most vivid fantasies into a PDF comic. Once we agree on price per page, we will work together to produce a story to your liking.

I do hope to hear back from those interested and my email address is posted to the right. I ask that you place “Shadoman Commission Work” in the subject box for a quick reply

Regards Shadoman

Shadoman is a Premier Artist for both Erotic Illusions and Renderotica. He is also the quality control staff member for the Renderotica Magazine and has over 20 published Comics and Two 100+ page pictorials of his collected single panel art.



I know from my many years of experience in the erotic arts (both as a creator and a customer) that it can sometimes be difficult to find erotic material that suits you just right. Far too often, you'll find images that are on the right track, but just missing that certain something that would make it your ultimate erotic fantasy come to life. Well, my friend, this is your opportunity to get exactly what you want! I will communicate with you to ensure that your custom drawing is exactly to your liking, right down to details. Amazons, femdom, spanking, CBT, uniforms, nurses, fantasy, alien babes, and more, you name it! Do not hesitate to request an idea because you think I won't do it, or it's not "my thing". Even if you aren't necessarily into amazons or femdom, but you like my style, and want something different, give me a shout. I'll let you know if it's something I can do.

I have the utmost respect for your patronage and privacy. The artwork I create for you is exclusively yours, and will not be shared, used or distributed by me without your consent. My work is all digital, and can be emailed to you in BMP, PNG or JPG format. My medium is 2D, hand-drawn. I can do sketches, clean-line art, simple shading, full-color, or a mix. I start by doing a quick, rough outline of your idea (at no cost) which can be altered to your liking until you decide it's ready. I will then begin work on the final.

Pricing is based on time spent creating the image, and varies depending on detail level, background complexity, number of characters involved, color or black & white, etc. Since it's digital, there's no cost for materials. The two examples shown would both be priced around $80-$90 USD. Animations typically are around $100. Image series and picture stories are the same as individual images, but I discount based on length.

I'm always happy to do commission work, and am very open to all ideas. I have many happy, returning customers, and I hope you will soon join them!


Paul Bates 164 Foss Road Hilton DE65 5BH