Erotic Illusions

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Erotic Art and Stories

This is the starting point for your journey into all the extremely naughty erotic artists and erotic writers who are part of Stormbringer's community. So take your eyes off my bumps for a while and have a good look around. I'm sure you'll find lots of interesting things and you can decide where we go next. But remember to return here when you want to travel a new path. And I'm sure someone as intense as you will want to go down many of these branches. Yes, I knew I was right! I saw the way your eyes lit up when I said 'go down'...

Well, I'm far too much a good girl to ever do things like that! Except on those times when some vistor or artist or monster takes advantage and gets me into one of those shivery states where I end up doing things a nice girl like myself wouldn't dream of doing normally. But for now you have to take a look around here, so I can tell the boss I did my job properly and so he won't have to put me across his knee and discipline me for slacking off!

But maybe you don't need both your hands to turn the pages? I was just getting comfortable with the feel of you. Or the way you were feeling me. See, I'm getting flustered already, just thinking about what the following pages contain. And I do get lonely sometimes, so let's go onwards together; you keep your arm round me and I'll stay close by your side and press extra close when it gets scary or too exciting!


Erotic Art and Story Categories

  • Premier Artists Premier Artists

    You selected the most popular artists so they're all grouped here in one place to make them easier to find.

  • New Erotic Artists New Artists

    Even more high quality artists and writers have arrived for your viewing pleasure. Take a look! They are well worth it!

  • Simply Erotic Simply Erotic

    From pinup art to hardcore sex, you'll find it here. Some call it vanilla but there's nothing plain about these creations!

  • Lesbian Erotica Lesbian Erotica

    All girls all the time! They say only a woman really knows how to drive another one wild and judging by their expressions, they just might have a point.

  • Erotic Bondage Erotic Bondage

    Rough ropes or silken cords; whatever the media the message remains the same. She cannot escape the bonds which imprison her body while freeing her soul.

  • Fantasy Erotica Fantasy Erotica

    No cute pixies and fairlies here! These fantasy worlds are filled with carnal desires and lust-fuelled monsters from nightmare imaginations.

  • Erotic Femdom Erotic Femdom

    Strong women stride these pages, their femininity undiminished by their power to subjugate the men and women who kneel at their feet.

  • Erotic Shemales Erotic Shemales

    Hot chix with dicks! Soft curves and proud breasts combine with hard thrusting cocks to give their willing victims the best of both worlds.

  • Erotic Stories Erotic Stories

    Leave aside the visual stimulation for a moment to appreciate the potential for arousal when words tickle the imagination and provoke the mind.

  • Archived Sites Erotic Archives

    Not all sites update frequently but there's lots of good stuff if you take a few minutes to search through the Archives.

  • Master Index Master Index

    Looking for a specific artist or writer? Don't have time to go through the various categories to find them? This is the place for you!

  • Erotic Comix Erotic Comix

    Comix and graphic novels - the telling of a story through a series of images, often accompanied by text and speech within the pictures.

  • Erotic Fetish Erotic Fetish

    Not a missionary to be seen here, demonstrating sexual positions! Instead we have a group of creators whose sexuality doesn't stop at the bedroom door!

  • Reluctance Reluctant Sex

    Some women like a little persuading, responding best to their forceful subjucation as they are driven to ecstacy. And our artists are only too happy to oblige!

  • Erotic Sci-Fi Erotic Sci-Fi

    In the depths of space no one can hear you cum. But it's not for lack of effort by a host of aliens, mad scientists and tentacled beasts!

  • Erotic BDSM Erotic BDSM

    Subspace evoked by the kiss of a whip and the sharp impact of a paddle, the controlled intentions of a master teaching a slave her potential!

  • Vore Erotica Vore Erotica

    Strong muscles flex and release, drawing their victim inwards inch by inch, the willing sacrifice enjoying untold pleasure from whole-body stimulation.

  • Erotic Horror Erotic Horror

    Adrenaline pounds in the veins and tingles in extremities which have never felt so alive, so responsive, as when arousal is mingled with fear.

  • Erotic Photo Art Erotic Photo Art

    Once invented the camera was turned to recording naked women within 24 hours! Of course it has come a long way since then and computers help even more.

  • Expressions of Erotica Expressions of Erotica

    When an artist moves beyond the recording of events and into stranger and often more surreal worlds, we come upon these expressions of erotic intention.

  • Erotic Sizeism Erotic Sizeism

    Little Women takes on a whole new meaning here. And tiny men get up close and personal with girls - real use close and personal!

  • Free Erotica Free Erotica

    Something for nothing? Must be either rubbish or a con! Well it isn't. It's free, it's high quality and it's well worth a visit!


Paul Bates 164 Foss Road Hilton DE65 5BH

Paul Bates 164 Foss Road Hilton DE65 5BH