Candice Corner

the erotic adventures of candice

Candice kneeling and awaiting your attention, her large breasts inviting your handling of them!

Hi! My name is Candice and I've been asked to introduce this site to you on account of how it's all about me. I'm an official hostess for Stormbringer's Empire... errr.. I mean Stormbringer Enterprises... Please don't tell him I said that! It's just my little private joke because he's such a hard-headed tyrant and he keeps me so busy all the time. Well, considering how hard he gets in other areas and how busy he keeps me satisfying his urges, I end up having to rush around trying to get my proper job done. So I don't think it's really bad of me to have a little joke about him. Do you? No? Well be sure you don't tell him anyway. Just to be safe. He seems to enjoy punishing my mistakes far too much, in my estimation! Though that hardness.... applied to the right places... does end up making me feel all squishy inside and at the time it doesn't really seem like punishment at all! Maybe you should tell him what I said and then he'll probably do all sorts of yummy... I mean nasty, wicked things... to me!

But I do tend to natter on, don't I? As I said, my name is Candice and that's me up at the top of the page. A nice portrait for once. Not like all those nude pictures of me that get plastered all over this site and the other places where I work as a hostess. Ummmm... not that those pictures are really me of course. No, I'm a good girl! You don't think I'd keep taking my clothes off like that! No... they're... errr... artists impressions. Yes, that's it! Those naughty artists have been imagining what I might look like if I actually did keep getting stripped naked and abused by hordes of staff and visitors and monsters... their warm shafts and wet lips and cool tentacles moving all over my body while I squirm and moan and get all flustered until I end up....

Stormbringer Says: When you've finished here you'll find some exciting stories about Candice as well as the other SBE staff at Stormbringer Enterprises!
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Oh dear.... I need to go take care of something quickly. I feel all faint and I need to lie down for a while... loosen my clothing... You'll have to sort this place out for yourself. It's really easy! Just click one of the links up top to see the pictures and comics. Or click the other links to go to different places and see lots more of this hot artwork. Hot and wet and needy and.... oh, no, that's me, isn't it? I really have to dash! Bye!

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