Erotic Illusions

Won't you come and join the fun? Or join the fun and cum, more likely!

We Want You!

Yes I know... you want me too! Well Stormbringer did tell me that I had to be extra nice to the artists and writers who work here and I must say, some of them can be quite demanding. So if you join us here, I guess I'll have to fill your every whim... or get filled by your every whim, more like! Plus you get a chance to make some extra money from doing what you enjoy, without all the hassles of trying to manage your own web site. The nice people who work in the office take care of all that stuff when they're not too busy molesting me! And best of all, it doesn't even cost you anything.

How can you refuse an offer like that? Money and me!

But... just before you get carried away with those hands of yours... you do have to actually become an artist here first! However nice it feels... and of course I don't really like doing such naughty things... honest... I can only be specially friendly to those who have signed up. So hurry off and get your application in before you get too carried away to concentrate! Then come back and see me.

I'll be waiting for you, you naughty person!


We Make It Easy…

…for you to do what you love and get paid for it!

It can be intimidating and daunting to want to start your very own paysite for your art or writing. Where do you begin? You'd need a host, need a gallery system set up and need someone to handle credit card processing and payments. You'd want someone to handle the customer service end, help members get their login information and the multitude of issues that come with usernames and passwords and bill payments and…the list goes on. Fees to start a merchant account with a major credit card are constantly rising. Spending money on optimizing websites and getting proper and due notice with search engines can also come at a cost. Plus any artist is going to want support, for handling the code, handling the members, asking questions about their artwork and getting inspiration for more stories.

Where inside all of this is an artist or author supposed to find the time to express their creativity?

That's where Stormbringer Enterprises comes into the picture.

Stormbringer Enterprises, also known as SBE to its fans and community members, is prepared to take all of this trouble off your hands. Yes, we provide hosting at absolutely no cost to you. Yes, we take care of site set up and even leave our artists and writers some room to create a more personal space. Yes, we have a modern and up-to-date gallery system that works effectively with the majority of image files or documents; we can also provide space for you to show your more eclectic pieces of artwork, things you thought you'd never be able to get into a paysite. Sometimes files are too big for any gallery code to handle - we take care of this by providing customized pages within your paysite area. However, we're also very much about catering to your paying members. All of our sites have an easy-to-navigate menu system that your members will easily become familiar with. They can see the latest updates as soon as they enter! They can see your special projects, read your comments, and even see the specific thumbnails you've chosen for your individual albums. It's all taken care of for you fairly and decently at no cost to you. Welcome to our community and family!

SBE is a well established and fondly loved umbrella company and organization that holds several domains together with a common thread - the desire to give quality artists and authors the opportunity to do what they love and leave the worrying to people paid to take care of everything else, from customer service to site administration to community support. With more than one website to host artwork and stories, we have the unique opportunity of offering our members exactly the kind of artwork they want to pay for, the kinds of stories they're dying to get access to. That means we can provide artists and authors every chance they want to take to make the most money for what they are often doing already and giving away for free.

Take a look at some of the things we can offer YOU, now that you're ready to begin a nice and worry-free venture into making money doing something you love to do:


  • Income comes from visitors who purchase a membership to your site. This membership fee is split equally between YOU and SBE. You never pay anything to have a site and we don't make any money unless you are making money too. And we help you every step of the way!
  • All the costs of creating and maintaining the site, processing membership payments, marketing, administration and customer service are paid by SBE from our half of the site income. Your half is paid to you with no deductions at all.
  • All technical work relating to the site is carried out by our staff, along with all other support you or paying customers might need. You don't need any technical knowledge and you don't need to create web pages. The only thing you have to do is upload your art or stories using a simple web-based interface. You've got access to the internet and you've got your artwork - you're practically there already!
  • SBE does all the customer service work, handling members' queries as well as providing marketing of Erotic Illusions to bring in visitors and make them aware of your site. We also provide extensive support to our artists and writers with help pages and have staff available to answer your questions at every stage. Above and beyond this, we have an active community that you can bring your questions about artwork, art styles, writing styles and literature to. We've covered all the bases.
  • We don't claim copyright of your creations and we don't demand exclusive use of them. You keep ownership and can use those items elsewhere if you wish. Exclusivity is definitely a strong selling point, but we are not about to keep you from exploring all options for making the most money for your artwork. We're just completely prepared for you to find out we really are the best choice!
  • There are no long term contracts. If you decide to close your site we only require you to give notice of one month unless you have opted for three- or six-month membership options. This is one of the many ways we take care of our paying customers; memberships take time to expire, especially if your fans have gotten attached to your updates and are on a recurring subscription plan. We do our best to help them move on to another site and not worry about what happened to their money.

    So what do you think? Convinced? The only thing left at this point is for you to consider our requirements. We're very careful about our business, as we've been around for quite a long time. We know what kinds of ups and downs sites like ours have to face, and we do our best to plan in advance in order to avoid any burps or glitches or hiccups in providing YOUR artwork to YOUR members. Now is a good time for you to look over the requirements we have and see where you fit in our happy family.


  • We take applications from erotic artists and writers, including animators and moviemakers. In the future we may have facilities for non-erotic creators too. SBE has big plans for our community and intends to expand into many profitable realms based on erotica!
  • Our goal is to help you do what you love and get paid for it. All work must be your own creation. We don't host collections of art or writing to which you don't hold the copyright.
  • Artists and writers need a minimum of 30 items ready to start your site (more if you only do photography without any postwork). You should have at least this amount ready before applying for a site. This is to justify at least one month's membership fee. How you update afterwards is currently up to you, though a lack of updates may change your subscription fee and thus your payments!
  • At SBE we do our best to provide paying customers with the familiar, the tried and true. Preferred graphic formats are jpg, gif and png. Movie formats are usually wmv and mpg, increasingly flash is being used and we support that too. Text stories and illustrated stories will need to be in pdf. Other formats are supported of course but these tend to work best.
  • Sites may be live or archived. Live sites have recurring billing and are expected to be updated periodically with new material. We make no specific demands on how much or how often these updates take place, but keep in mind that the more you update, the more your site will get noticed! Archived sites have one-time billing and require no updating.
  • We don't accept any image or story in which anyone is, or appears to be, under the age of 18, whether as active participants or as simple spectators. Obviously you have to be over 18 yourself too. At SBE we're very careful about what it takes to keep a good site going; our restrictions on content, including not having anyone not of age in any sort of picture or story, is not just to protect the innocent. We also want to protect YOU from losing a new source of income.
  • SBE is all about EROTICA! Naturally we support artwork and stories featuring erotica, hardcore, lesbian and gay sex, femdom, shemales and similar topics. Edgy topics such as rough sex, fetish, vore and BDSM are generally also not a problem. For artists, monster, alien and fantasy creatures, along with horror can be handled with special arrangements. We are not currently able to take on artists who do bestiality, dimemberment and gore. A glance at the art index should help you understand the variety of subjects we cover.
  • Writers have a wider scope but are strongly advised to avoid problems by taking a look at the Libris Topics Page to help them understand the variety of subjects which we do cover. If in doubt, ask us or show us some samples.

Responsibilities as an Artist/Author

Of course you do have some responsibilities and obligations besides the general requirements that must be fulfilled in order to obtain a paysite with us. We've been around for a long time and we know that while some artists are very gung-ho and very on top of things, others would prefer a bit of guidance about what they can expect US to expect from THEM! So here are just a few of the things we'll be expecting from you when it comes to your paysite's success:

Regular Updates - We maintain an 'updates' page just for future members to look at. You'll want to make sure you send the right Administrator information about your updates. Updates are your responsibility and though we try not to pressure people about doing updates on a regular basis, we do want you to know that the more you update, the more money you'll make. Paying members absolutely LOVE seeing sites that have ongoing updates, especially series! If you start finding it hard to do updates every month, it may be time to change your subscription options until things get easier for you.

Site Maintenance - The same administrator that is in charge of making sure word gets out about your updates is also that same person who helps set your site up in the first place. With your guidance and assistance, you will end up with a gallery that has just the right number of albums and perfectly placed thumbnails so that your members get to the good stuff as soon as possible. However, it's up to you to add more albums, rearrange things in your own special way, and keep the site clean! We can help and we will definitely offer our advice - we have a lot of experience with these things - but feel free to take control of album order and display parameters. YOU know how best to present your work. And don't forget, any time you've changed your style, added to your series sections or taken on new skills, you should update your preview pictures. Changes to your preview page will get you noticed, and showing off what you've learned most recently will definitely get people talking and excited!

Self Promotion - We've worked hard over the years to learn all we can about site optimization, how to get good placement in the search engines, and basically on how to make us not only easy to find for future members but the BEST site to find out of all the others. However, when it comes to individual artists, there are so many! We see so many different styles and types of artwork and writing that we couldn't possibly individually promote each site. What we can do, however, is help you find ways to promote your own artwork. The internet is a vast world of opportunities, and we've been exploring some great ones. We've found some excellent sites that you can post free samples at, as well as having our own free sample galleries for you to share your artwork. You might have experience yourself in these realms because so many of the artists that come to us have already been sharing their work for free. Basic things you'll want to consider are making a free site with the space we provide you at your subdomain, having a thread on our forums for your free samples, as well as posting free samples at various free galleries outside of our own network. The more self promotion you do, the more members you're going to bring back to your paysite. You might have been shy before but now it's time to make a name for yourself! We provide some excellent tools to make this easy but it's really up to you to jump in feet first and do everything you can to let people see!

Have Faith - One of the things we've learned through our time working in this constantly changing industry is that things never stay the same. SBE and its community of artists and authors have had some hard times, from server crashes to credit card censorship. We've survived it all and come out of each experience wiser and definitely stronger. We have a good solid understanding of what the future holds and we fully intend to make the most of the creativity our artists and authors bring to the table. This is what Stormbringer Enterprises is about, providing opportunities to artists and authors who often come to us feeling as if no one wants to see their unique creative expressions. We provide that and in response, the biggest thing we can ask you for is your faith. This process we are helping you get started on can be difficult, and it can be a learning curve. But we're here to help and willing to do as much hand-holding as it takes for artists and authors really dedicated to their craft. While many sites become more and more impersonal, we're kind of heading in the other direction. And we're definitely interested in proving to you that we're there for you. Not everyone is going to like how we do things, but with a little faith, you'll soon see how much we can help you on your path to doing what you love to do!

Application For A Site

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